Two Stroke Semi Synthetic


Two Stroke Semi Synthetic is a specially formulated, high performance semi-synthetic two-stroke oil. Specs: JASO FD, ISO EGD, API TC



Two Stroke Semi Synthetic is a specially formulated, high performance semi-synthetic two-stroke oil. It utilises the latest additive technology along, with a balanced combination of clean burn synthetic and highly refined mineral base oil. This helps it to meet the complex and severe demands laid down by JASO. Two Stroke Semi Synthetic is suitable for use in high end two stroke engines, but also supply what is required for your old mower. You can also use this two stroke in other two stroke applications such as mopeds, motor scooters and chainsaws. It is also suitable for pre-mix and oil injection systems.

Two Stroke Semi Synthetic Information

  • Ultra low smoke formulation.
  • Protection against piston and cylinder scuffing.
  • Prevents pre-ignition and power loss by reducing unwanted combustion chamber deposits.
  • Meets the requirements of JASO FD.
  • Reduced exhaust blockage contaminants.
  • High film strength for ultimate engine protection.




Additional Information.

Rye Oil Ltd supply two ‘Two Stoke’ products. ‘Mineral Two Stoke’ and ‘Two Stroke Semi Synthetic’.

Mineral Two Stroke is a lower spec product for old mowers and motors. I can still be used in everything that you would put the Two Stroke Semi Synthetic in. However, it wont provide the same protection. Mineral oils are also more suitable for older motorcycles. This is because they require heavier or thicker and don’t leak out. Owners who change to synthetic oils in older motorcycles often find they leak more and end up changing seals unnecessarily.

Two Stroke Semi Synthetic is a top end two stroke oil. Providing the best thermal stability and protection for your two stroke engine.

You may want Mineral Two Stroke. You will find it here.

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