Mineral Two Stroke Oil


Mineral Two Stroke Oil is a non pre-diluted two stroke oil. For two stroke engines using Petroil mixtures. eg motorcycles, mopeds and portable chain saws



This is a non pre-diluted oil, for two stroke engines using Petrol mixtures. eg motorcycles, mopeds and portable chain saws. Suitable also for mechanical metering systems. Mineral Two Stroke Oil has low combustion chamber deposits, runs with cleaner exhaust ports & pipes, protects bearings from excessive wear and provides maximum performance for long periods of time.

Classification: T:S:C

SAE: 30

Specific Gravity @ 15dc : 0.89

Colour: Blue


SAE: 40

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40dc: 110.0

Viscosity Index: 93.0

Use only the ratios recommended by engine manufactures and pour oil into petrol, followed by vigorous shaking.

Using Mineral Two Stroke

Mineral oils are also more suitable for older motorcycles because they are thicker and don’t leak. Owners who change to synthetic oils in older motorcycles often find they leak more. For newer two stroke engines please see our Two Stroke Semi-Synthetic Oil

When looking at  the type of oil required, you should be aware that older bikes will only specify the type of oil that was available at the time they were built. Those oils may not be available anymore. However current generation oils will be far better than what was originally specified for older applications.

Will an older bike benefit from an expensive synthetic oil as opposed to a current generation mineral oil? Probably not, because older engines (unless modified) are unlikely to be that highly stressed that they would benefit from a synthetic.

Will it do any harm?  Providing viscosity ratings are appropriate – probably not, except to your wallet!

As for modern motorcycles, most mechanics believe synthetic oil is best, especially after the first service.

Finally there are many advantages of synthetic oils. This include’s the fact that they’re better able to lubricate and tolerate the extremes that oils are subjected to in modern high-performance engines. Especially when operating in hot climates.




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