Universal Tractor Oil (UTO 10w/30)


Universal Tractor Oil 10w/30 is designed for naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines not requiring Series 3 or MIL-L-2104C oils

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Universal Tractor Oil 10w/30 is designed for naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines not requiring Series 3 or MIL-L-2104C oils.  This blend of oil was the first of the universal detergent mutligrade tractor oils to follow what is now classed as vintage or classic tractor oils. You can use Universal Tractor Oil 10w/30 in tractors that require a mutligrade oil but with low detergent levels and no wet brakes.


Mil: MIL-L2104.

SAE: 10W/30.


Further Universal Tractor Oil 10w30 Information.

UTO isn’t to be confused with STOU (super universal tractor oil), UTTO (universal tractor transmission oil) or TDTO (Tractor Drive Train Oil). Let me explain the difference.

UTO -Universal Tractor Oil is a first generation multigrade universal oil. Used in engine, hydraulics, transmission and also axles. This oil is normally used for tractors and plant made between 1960’s- 1970’s, but can stretch into more modern machines. Designed to be the first generation multigrade ‘one oil for everything’. Making it easy for users when it came to running an oil change.

STOU or SUTO – Super Tractor Oil Universal

The second generation multigrade universal oil. The reason for the different acronyms is because it was originally a French product. When the words were translated they weren’t rearranged to be read in English. This oil is used in engines, hydraulics transmissions, axles and most importantly oil immersed wet brakes. Continuing the one oil for everything theme. Used in tractors and plant for machines made post 1970 and still used today in tractors out of warranty.

UTTO – Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

We have entered the age of clean running, low emissions, ad blue, low saps and low ash technology. This has caused the transmission oil and also engine oil to separate. UTO/SUTO transmission oils can’t meet the specification required in modern engine oils. You can use UTTO in the transmissions of tractors manufactured today. This oil boasts long drain and also high work hour oil change intervals.

TDTO – Tractor Drive Train Oil

Most popularly used in Caterpillar’s. This product is a high performance off-highway transmission oil. Allfeet 10w (our product name) is a heavy duty transmission and also a final drive lubricant. Rye Oil Ltd have designed it to offer trouble free operation and maximum reliability in modern transmissions, final drives, oil immersed brakes and hydraulic systems fitted to heavy-duty off-highway equipment.

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