Engine Flushing Oil


A low viscosity SAE 20W monograde flushing oil formulated using the highest quality mineral base oils and detergent/dispersant additives.



Engine Flushing Oil is a low viscosity SAE 20W mono grade flushing oil. It is formulated using the highest quality mineral base oils, detergent’s and additives. It can be used in petrol & diesel engines as well as hydraulic systems and compressors.

Using Rye Oil Ltd’s Engine Flushing Oil

Once you have a new filter in place. Fill with Rye Oil’s engine flushing oil. Then run the engine at a fast idle for about 20 minutes. Finally, drain all this off (and marvel at the waste that comes out with it), replace the oil filter again, refill with a Rye Oil Ltd engine oil found in our shop or call 01797 223374 for advise.


Cleaning Additives vs Engine Flushing Oil

The difference between adding additives to your existing engine/hydraulic/compressor oil and using Rye Oil’s flushing oil is:

Rye Oil Ltd’s engine flushing oil is extremely thin oil and will be able to get into partially blocked, thin passages without any issues and remove the accumulated gunk as well. Were as adding additives to your existing oil doesn’t really change the viscosity of the oil. This means that it clean out those narrow passages in the engine. You will also need to check the additive package against your engine oil to make sure there won’t be a chemical reaction between the two. I will add that there normally isn’t, but there is a chance, and why risk it. Another reason to drain your old oil and use flushing oil is if your oil is already holding a lot of contaminant in suspension, if the oil filter is reaching its filtering capacity, then you might to more harm than good using additives.

Because we blend the lubricants ourselves we can offer a non-detergent flushing oil if requested before you purchase. The non-detergent flushing oil would be for any engines or machinery with any phosphorus, bronze bearings or parts(white metals). If a degerent flushing oil was used in that situation it would react and eat away at those parts.

Once the flushing oil has done its job see our shop for the correct engine oil for your vehicle




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