80w90 Gear Oil GL5


80w/90 Gear Oil GL5 is a mineral oil based lubricants formulated for use in a wide range of automotive, plant, agricultural and industrial transmission Systems.



80w90 Gear Oil GL5 is a mineral oil based lubricant. Formulated for use in a wide range of automotive, plant, agricultural and industrial transmission systems. This multi grade has a high level of extreme pressure (EP) additive. This provides effective gear protection over a range of temperatures and shock load conditions. Rye Oil Ltd’d gear oil also protects components from rust and corrosion in extreme conditions.


Uses Of 80w90 Gear Oil GL5

You can use 80W90 Gear Oil GL5 for a wide variety of applications. These include:

  • manual gearboxes.
  • transaxles.
  • transfer boxes.
  • PTO boxes.
  • reduction hubs/gear.
  • differentials (including hypoid designs).
  • axles.
  • planetary and epicyclic drives.
  • shaft drives.
  • sprocket drives.
  • track drives.
  • track rollers.
  • hoist/winch gearboxes.
  • steering boxes.
  • oil lubricated bearings.
  • swivel housings.
  • swing gearboxes.
  • slewing rings/gears to name but a few.

Difference between GL4 & GL5

If you need an 80w90 gear oil GL4 we can make it for you. If you need a gear oil that isn’t listed in the shop please contact us here

Let me start by telling you that Gear Oil’s are not Transmission Oils. Transmissions have gears and synchronisers. These of which require a different additive package. If you are wondering if GL5 covers GL4 the answer isnt simple. GL5 covers GL4 in terms of protection, but contains to much detergent and will strip any white metals and strip any brass synchronisers.

Simply, GL4 gear oils are intended for axles with spiral bevel and hypoid gears operating under moderate to severe conditions of speeds and loads.  GL-4 gear oils also have a low detergent level, which help protect yellow and phosphorous metal elements of the gear box. You can use GL-5 for high-speed loads and also for low-speed torque systems without yellow metals.






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