Classic 20w50 Engine Oil – High Zinc


Classic 20w50 Engine Oil is a low detergent traditional multigrade engine oil, ideally suited to pre 1980 classic cars and motorcycles.




Classic 20w50 Engine Oil is a low detergent traditional multigrade engine oil, with a zinc content of 1500 parts per million, ideally suited to pre 1980 classic cars and motorcycles. Compared to modern engines which have sophisticated oil pumps to deliver high pressures with low viscosity oils, classic cars and motorcycles have wider tolerances and require higher viscosity oils to operate at the optimum performance level.

Maintains a high standard of engine cleanliness and controls sludge and varnish deposits. Economical engine oil for older vehicles. 20/50,20w/50,20w50. You will find us at lots of classic and vintage motor shows across the UK. War & Peace show in Detling. The Bentley Classic Car Show. South Of England Show. Malvern Tractor & Classic Car show. Hooe’s Old Motor show to name but a few.

Rye Oil Ltd is a straight talking company. We wont confuse you with jargon. A 20w50 is a simple oil to manufacture with a low additive range. If it was okay in the 50’s for a 50’s car, why wouldn’t it be okay today. Don’t fall into the trap of paying more for additives you don’t need.

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Rye Oil Ltd’s 20w/50 Engine Oil has been used in the following vehicles to mind. Lots more wont be listed.

1952 & 1950 – Riley RME’s

1947, 1950 & 1951 – MG TD

1955 & 1954-  Morris Minor’s

1955 – MGA Sports

1951 – Austin A90 Atlantic

1947 – Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

1951 – Jaguar XK 120

1954 – Aston Martin DB

1951- Alvis drophead

1954 – Vauxhall Wyren

1951 – Triumph Renown TDB

1954 – Jensen Interceptor

1954 – Austin Healey

1949 – Rover p3

1954 –  Ford MK

1955 – Wolsey



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2 reviews for Classic 20w50 Engine Oil – High Zinc

  1. 5 out of 5

    Phil Taylor (verified owner)

    Have used Rye 20/50 in my 1934 Austin 10 for the last 6months covering 2900 miles. Excellent. Would recommend. I change the oil every 1200 miles (as there is no filter).
    Have always used 20/50 for the last 48 years in Austin 10 engines covering nearly 340,000 miles, so I know it is OK and Rye Oils are as good, if not better, than most. Many thanks.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Benjamin Sykes (verified owner)

    Ordered this over the festive period and was expecting delays to delivery. I received this the next working day which allowed me to complete the service on my classic Bristol bus. It has always suffered with a flickering oil pressure warning light and was recommended this oil on various online forums. A short road test and no flickering of the warning light. Delighted with the service and product from Rye oil. Will definitely use again.

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