Aspen Fuels

We are stockiest for Aspen Fuel Two Stoke and Four stroke.

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Own Label For Resale

Speak to our office and we can design your own label on our products.

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Chain Oil

Rye Oil Ltd’s Chain oil as recommended by Arbtalk users

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Horticultural lubricants span the full length of our product range and include our Arboricultural range. The range consists of Mower Oils, Two Stroke, Chain Oils, 10w/40, Aspen fuels, Universal Tractor Oils…etc. The high grade products we supply comply or supersede the specifications of popular machine brands such as Briggs & Stratton, John Deere, Stihl…etc.  Rye Oil Ltd has over 50 retail outlets in the south east selling its Horticultural lubricants under the re-sellers own label. Please make contact to find the closest one to you.

Rye Oil Ltd’s chain oil is by far the companies most successful product. Customers come back to us relieved that they have found a chain and bar oil that is tacky enough for a long life on the chain, but doesn’t cook on the bar. We don’t boast any magic ingredients, we just produce a high quality 150 centistoke, high tacking agent chain oil.

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Semi-Synthetic Two Stroke

Available in 50:1 shots. Spec: API: TC++. Jaso FA,FB,FC. ISO GB,GC,GD

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