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New EP Additive Package

Rye Oil Ltd is proud to announce a new and improved EP additive package for its industrial gear oil range.

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New Quenching Oil Range

See our new range of quenching oil’s providing a controlled and even quench no matter what speed you require

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Industrial lubricants is a large part of Rye Oil Ltd’s business. It has a strong history of providing industrial solutions across arrange of industries. One of the areas Rye Oil Ltd has focused its energy is with gear oils. With the demands made on gear oils rinsing significantly over the years, Rye Oil Ltd is always in the process of new developing new solutions in the field of drive train technology. A gear oil, is one of the most important and complex engineering elements in today machines. It must satisfy changing application conditions and performance requirements.

Rye Oil Ltd is working with its industrial customers to develop new Cutting Oils, Spindle Oils, Slideway Oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Food Grade Oils and Greases, and would like you to join us. If you can’t find what you are looking for online please make contact with us via the contact us link.

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Industrial Proformance At Minimal Cost.

Rye Oil ltd’s purchasing department strive to keep costs down, passing the savings onto our customers without compromising the high specification of our products.

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