Industrial Gear Oil 320


Industrial Gear oil 320 is a extreme pressure industrial gear oil 320.  EP320 is best used in small medium speed medium sized gearboxes



Industrial gear oil 320 is an extreme pressure industrial gear oil.  EP320 is best used in small gear boxes etc operating in very cold conditions.

Industrial Gear Oil 320 Description

Industrial gear oil 320 is made from premium quality refined mineral oil with extreme pressure additives. Because of this it provides excellent thermal stability and load bearing


Use as received for the lubrication of industrial worm, helical and other reduction ratio gearboxes requiring EP lubricants.

User Benefits

  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent load bearing capability
  • Non-staining to yellow metals
  • Extensive range giving a selection for various requirements
  • Great water separation characteristics

Selecting the Right Viscosity
Due to the increased demands, to be more efficient and eco-friendly today’s industrial gear oils must contain high performance additive levels. The aim for blenders is to keep the lubricant thermally stable under extreme conditions . They need to be robust enough to ensure that it lasts longer, protects better and performs more efficiently then ever. At the same time it needs to keep the system clean and carrying away heat and contaminants. In conclusion this is the very reason that viscosity is very important.

Best for sludge free gearboxes and also extreme pressure protection for heavy-duty durability. Show great water separating characteristics. As a result of all this prolongs gearbox life, maximizes efficiency and eliminates downtime.

Using a lower-viscosity grade like Industrial Gear Oil 320 can improve efficiency and also maintain durability for the best performance. In industrial settings machine downtime can impact the bottom line. Consequently lower-viscosity lubricant like 320 with controlled additive technology effectively protects gear-driven equipment and ensures its operation at maximum performance.

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