Mower Oil 10w/30

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MOWER OIL 10W/30 SAFETY DATA SHEETMower Oil 10w30 is a multigrade 10w/30 detergent engine oil.  Crankcase and engine lubrication in petrol and light diesel engines.

Best used for Petrol engine on horticultural equipment (like lawn mower) for which manufactures recommend a multigrade oil, also suitable for light normally aspirated diesel engines. You can use our 10/30 to aid the running in process of rebuilt engines by providing full protection of highly stressed components whilst allowing optimum bedding in process for piston rings to the cylinder bore. You should not use synthetic or semi synthetic oils for bedding in. They can be too slippery.

API / SJ/CF4/CF Engine Oil surpasses requirements for Honda and Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke Engines.

Mower Oil 10W30 is a highly refined mineral oil with multi functional additives.

Amber/brown liquid also not miscible in water.

Boiling point >200dc. Specific Gravity <9

Mower Oil 10w30 Specs:

API: SJ/CF4/CF Engine Oil for Honda & Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke Engines.



SAE: 10W/30


POUR POINT dc: -30

TBN: 5.6

The specific mower oil recommendations for your engine are dependent on the engine’s manufacturer. Therefore your best source of information regarding the type and grade of lawnmower oil for your unit’s engine would be the engine manual. EU law now states that manufactures can no longer state that you have to use their brand oil in their machines. Using a different oil won’t affect the warranty either. As long as the specifications match the suggested manufactures oil.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has developed a grade of motor oils which will indicate the viscosity (thickness) and temperature in which engine oil can be used. This is called the SAE, it is printed on every bottle of oil and will also indicate whether or not the oil is synthetic.

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