Kerosene Heating Oil 20L, 100L or 200L


Kerosene 20 litre or 205 litre barrel. The product has many names: Heating Oil, Domestic Heating Oil, RBO and 28 Second to name a few. This fuel its used in domestic and commercial heating applications.



Kerosene Heating Oil 20L, 100L or 200L

Kerosene heating oil. The product has many names: Heating Oil, Domestic Heating Oil, RBO and 28 Second to name a few. This fuel its used in domestic heating applications. This is not Premium Paraffin or Gas Oil (red diesel).

Kerosene delivered in 20l cans or 4 x 5l cans delivered via APC.

If you opt for the 500 litre option it will be delivered to your door in 20l cans. There will be 25 of them. They will arrive on a pallet dropped on drive or curb side. We can offer a next working day service if ordered before 11am, after that you would need to call to make sure we can full fill the next day service (01797 223374).  We are aware that this is isn’t the cheapest way of getting fuel out to customers, but when you are in a pinch and out of options its here. This service doesn’t include pouring into your tank or taking the empty cans back.

If you require fuel additives please fine Exocet or Topanol here.

Kerosene Heating Oil 20L 100L 200L Spec:

Hazard: UN1223

Product Name: KEROSENE

Class: 3

Packing Group: III

Tunnel Code: (D/E)


Heating Oil is another name for Kerosene. Gas Oil and Paraffin can also be used in its stead, but only if the boiler/cooker is designed for it.

Kerosene: 96% of heating boiler and cookers have been designed to run on this fuel. It is the cheapest of the three fuels we offer, with Gas Oil being the second expensive and Paraffin being the most expensive. Kerosene is also known as 28 second, RBO, heating fuel, heating oil, kero and burning oil. Despite the names its all one product.

There has been a significant increase in vaporising boiler field problems during the past couple of years and many are wondering if the kerosene quality has changed slightly due to the introduction of 1000wppm sulphur. Some people have noticed a difference and had to order a boiler additive to put back in what they have taken out. We offer such additives, please see our shop for Exocet or Topanol.

Rye Oil Ltd is positioned between the Thames and Shoreham fuel terminals. The extra options this presents gives us the unique ability to provide the best fuel prices for our customers. Rye Oil Ltd now has a fleet of four tankers and two emergency delivery vehicles on the road. This helps us provide better delivery times then ever before. Other then bulk deliveries we can provide 20litre cans and 205litre barrels delivered nationwide.

Please note that due to hazardous goods shipping restrictions this product is unavailable outside mainland Great Britain.



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4 X 5L, 4 x 5l Cans (20L), 20 X 5L Cans (100L), 40 x 5l Cans (200L)

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    Quick delivery fantastic to just top up and also a good price

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    Always at hand. Great product and quick delivery, like 2-3 days on lockdown period.

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    First class fuel from Rye Oil Ltd -a first class company. Fast delivery and superb friendly and helpful telephone support.

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