Topanol available in 1 liter containers


Topanol Stops the oxidation process and maintains fuel too its original performance. Specification for optimum combustion thus improving fuel economy. Reduces carbon/gum formation helping to keep fuel feed pipes clear.

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You can use Topanol in your domestic oil fired boilers and cookers.

Stops the oxidation process and maintains fuel at its original performance specification, for optimum combustion.

Reduces carbon/gum formation helping to keep fuel feed pipes clear.

It you want to try something different we also supply a product called Exocet.

Topanol Background:

The British and European Standards for fuels ensure a consistent and reliable quality. For obvious reasons there have to be tolerances. Vaporizing burners are very sensitive and variances in kerosene, still within tolerance, can cause appliances to carbon up quicker than expected.

Aga themselves advise servicing of their cookers at least every six months. So what happens? The burner cooks the oil whilst it is still in the fuel feed. This causes ‘fall-out’ and build-up of carbon (gum formation) that chokes the fuel supply. This problem is worse recently because the char value of some kerosene has been found to be towards the upper limit. A solution is ICI Topanol, widely sold by CCWI throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Sold mainly to the aviation markets, it is used to maintain the quality of jet kerosene to within its makers performance specification.

Topanol Formula is blended to incorporate a green dye to provide customer with proof of treatment. Customers able to buy larger amounts of fuel without the worry of fuel degrading in tank. Available in 1 litre bottles each one being sufficient to treat 1000 litres of 28sec Domestic Burning Oil (kerosene). The blend strength is such that 2 bottles are sufficient to treat 2300 litres and 1 bottle will not be too strong for 900 litres.


Please note that due to hazardous goods shipping restrictions this product is unavailable outside mainland Great Britain.


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1litre, 4 x 1Litre


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