Slideway 220 Oil


Slideway 220 Oil has a high film strength that makes perfect for slideways where ‘stick-slip’ causes chatter and where fine feed adjustments are necessary



Slideway Oil 220 for lubrication of machine toolways under the full range of low to high loading conditions. This product has a high film strength that makes it perfect for slideways where ‘stick-slip’ causes chatter and where fine feed adjustments are necessary. While other working parts of machinery where improved lubricity and non-drip characteristics are desirable .This product exhibits superior extreme pressure characteristics, this can be seen from the Timken and 4 ball wear tests.

Modified co-efficient of friction eliminates ‘stick-up’ at low speeds and furthermore extreme  pressure and anti-wear additives virtually eliminate all scoring and wear risks.

Slideway Oil 220 contains a sulphurised fatty additive which provides excellent extreme pressure properties. The addition of a good tacking agent  gives it the best ‘non-drip’ characteristics.

Slideway Oil 220 Specs:

Timken OK load (lbs) :  D.2782: 50

Anti corrosion at high temperatures: (Copper strip 3 hr @ 100dc):  D130: 1A

Passes the ASTM D665B test for anti rust properties.

ISO Grade: 220

Flash Point: >150dc

Pour Point: -12

Slidway Oil Product Data And COSSH

Oil Application Information For Tool Machining

Suitable oils
For use in many types of machine tool – including the geared headstocks and screw cutting gearboxes of lathes and milling machines and manufacturers from the 1940s onwards often recommended an “anti-wear” Hydraulic oil such as Hydraulic 32.  These lubricants can deliver their specification performance while also being thin enough to be fed through wicks, this is because its a common fitting on many older machine tools, and used to draw up oil but leaving dirt behind. You can use this to resist the corrosion of copper and bronze. This is a good thing for the bronze bearings commonly found in headstocks and screw cutting gearboxes – because these would be eaten away by the detergents in a modern blended oil and  especially a motor oils. Never use engine oils in these machines.

Slideway oils
A dedicated slideway oil is Rye Oil’s Slideway Oil 220 (ISO 220). However, on small lathes, below 5-inch centre height, it may be found that a slideway oil with a ISO 220 viscosity is too heavy and the machine will function perfectly well with our Slideway Oil 68 ISO 68 grade. You can use Hydraulic 32 or 46 if you find slideway oils to ‘sticky. Assuming you dont need the tacking agent in our Slideway oil 68.




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