Real Creosote Coal Tar 25 litre

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Creosote Real Coal Tar. Product may will turn up in either an own brand can or in a blue can. Designed for brush application WE-B.

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Real Creosote Coal Tar 25 litre.

Real Creosote Coal Tar. The colour is a very dark brown. Don’t expect it to be as thick as Tar, it never was. The can the creosote arrives in will change and may not look like the one in the image. This is because it is becoming hard to source. Please note that this is not substitute product.

For 205l barrel price please call 01797 223374

We are offering Coal Tar Real Creosote WEI-B. If you wish to brush it on, use WEI-B..

You can only purchase this item if you are a ‘Professional User‘ – NO DOMESTIC SALES.

For use as a wood treatment against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects on external timbers. If you order beware that the can may arrive not the same colour or label as the one in the image.

We define a ‘Professional User’ as someone who works with timber in their occupation.

This includes:

– 1) Agricultural user. For example: Farming, Small Holding or Equestrian use.

– 2) Forrester.

– 3) Saw Mill operative.

– 4) A professional user is one who uses a product in the course of his business and then becomes subject to the normal raft of health and safety legislation.

– 5) The British Wood Preserving & Damp Course Association, confirm that wood preservatives do not require a certificate of competence to be held by those who apply such products.

Risk Assessment

Once this is clear it is up to the professional person to conduct a risk assessment using COSHH guidelines. This is for the qualified user to determine that their application is going to comply with the following:

– It should not be used in areas where is a risk of frequent skin contact (e.g. *Garden furniture) -EC actual text*.

– In parks or gardens.

– It should not be used on any containers or pots that come into contact with foodstuffs.

– Not for use on children’s play equipment.

Any questions, please call 01797 223374 and speak to Graham Chillingworth

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