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Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH). This product acquired the name “wood alcohol” because it was once produced chiefly as a by-product of the destructive distillation of wood. Modern methanol is produced in a catalytic industrial process directly from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.

  • Used in racing

Most race car drivers prefer fuel that is methanol- or ethanol-based, and the reason is simple, really. Overall, alcohol-based fuel has a high octane rating which increases fuel efficiency. Our product burns cleaner and cooler, is less flammable, and less expensive than gasoline

Our product is so pure that is can be used as a racing fuel. As purchased by Cameron Racing & Engineering

It can dissolve most of the organic sediments. Alcohol, even though a good solvent, usually is not available in its purest form and may be denatured type in many cases. Moreover, it is very cheap compared to ethanol. People also tend to use acetone instead of methanol which is a good cleaning agent too.
  • Used for biodiesel production guidelines

5 Litres will produce between 20-40 Litres of Biodiesel

20 Litre will produce between 80 – 120 Litres of Biodiesel.

Suitable for Biodiesel applications. This methanol is of the virgin grade material and has a minimum 99.85% purity which is essential for biodiesel applications.

  • Used in industry

Primarily used as an industrial solvent to help create inks, resins, adhesives, and dyes. It is also used as a solvent in the manufacture of important pharmaceutical ingredients and products such as cholesterol, streptomycin, vitamins and hormones.

If you are planning on using Methanol to produce in Bio fuel please make sure you comply to all laws and regulations in Excise Notice 179e 

We also sell other fuels: Kerosene, Gas Oil and Aspen Petrol.

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20L, 5 X 20L (100L), 10 X 20L (200L)