HT 5 Gel – Food Grade 2.5KG Pail

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HT 5 Gel – Food Grade 2.5KG Pail NSF H1 – NIGL 0 – Synthetic – This product was specifically formulated for incidental food contact and to be used to lubricate upper punch heads on tablet making machines. It is also a high viscosity, sticky semi-fluid with the ability to stay where applied and provide protection.


This product coats the metal surfaces with a tenacious film of lubricant which reduces metal to metal contact and effectively reducing friction and extending the working life of components. This product contains sub-micronic particles of PTFE, the most slippery of dry lubricants, these PTFE particles repel each other, but bond themselves into tiny imperfections in the working surface. With this in mind the coating is too thin to affect working clearances, but it protects the surfaces from impact and metal to metal contact. This reduces wear and tear and prolongs component life.


HT5 Gel is formulated for a vast variety of tablet press and pill press machines. If you have any questions about if this product is suitable for yours please contact us

This product is formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons; it contains no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons, and is free from substances listed as ‘hazardous to health’ in the latest C.O.S.H.H. regulations.

Other Information:

HT5 Gel can also be available in cartridges and sachets , but contact us for a price with the volumes required.

Manufactured in England by Selective Services Ltd and meets the  requirements of FDA Regulations 21.CFR.178.3570

If you require a non-food grade product please see our industrial greases EP2 & Pin & Bush grease

For more information please see Slipstreams own website. 

Physical Data HT5 Gel

Appearance Smooth homogeneous white gel
NLGI Grade No 0
Penetration (worked) 355 – 385
Working stability
(Change in penetration after 100,000 double strokes)
Dropping point Does not melt
Corrosive substances Copper = Pass
Steel = Pass
Electrical conductivity Non-conductive
Temperature range -20°C to +270°C