EP2 Grease 400g Tube


long-life grease suitable for the majority of industrial and automotive applications. This product can also be used as general purpose grease in order to aid product rationalisation in heavy industrial applications

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EP2 Grease 400g Tube is long-life grease which is good for most industrial and automotive applications. You can use this as general purpose grease in order to aid product efficiency in heavy industrial applications.

Benefits of EP2 Grease include in addition:

  • Lithium complex thickener system allowing high temperature operation
  • Formulated using highly refined base oils
  • Offers excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Effective anti-oxidants to prolong the life of the products
  • Resistant to mechanical breakdown
  • Contains extreme pressure additives allowing it to be used in high load applications

More EP2 Grease 400g Tube Information

EP2 grease. What is it? It is a general purpose grease for extreme pressures. Here, soaps disperse to create the stable gels of greases. Lithium greases are non-corrosive and adhere very well to metal. They are also particularly great with heavy loads and have good temperature tolerances.

The above therefore make’s EP2 popular for household products and automotive parts. Some versions of this grease type include other things like PTFE and molybdenum disulfide.

The presence of a lithium thickener in this type of grease increases operating range. Lithium’s capability of coping stresses, also makes this grease type great in a shift from low to high temperature.

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