Thinners 20 Litre

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Thinners 20 Litre Standard Grade UN1263

Our standard grade Thinners 20 Litre is a solvent based cleaner for use with cellulose paints. Ideal for use as a cleaning product or colour mixing in commercial and industrial applications. For paint brushes and spray guns that have been used with cellulose lacquers. Also perfect for use as a pre-treatment cleaner before working on surfaces to obtain the best possible finish. The product can also be used a brake and clutch cleaner as the product evaporates without residue.


Derived from 100% recycled solvents allows for re-usable material which is difficult to dispose of and has less impact on the environment.

Standard Thinners also offers good drying times, which can be faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners.

The product is highly volatile and must be stored up right and out of the way of children.

If you are looking for a non-hazardous thinner please try our Odourless Kerosene

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20L, 5 X 20L (100L), 10 X 20L (200L)