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Easing Oil LV is manufactured from highly refined mineral oils fortified with corrosion inhibitors. The base oils are Solvent Free and exhibit excellent chemical and thermal stability. This allows the Easing/Penetrating (same thing) oil to get to work in helping to free up any seized up metal components.

Quickly penetrates and attacks rust, corrosion, grease and other contamination from all fittings and screw threads. Not only frees all seized parts but also lubricates and leaves them in first class working order.

Easing Oil LV starts to work immediately on contact and rapidly penetrates all seized parts, it is a highly mobile fluid which quickly spreads and searches into crevices which remain inaccessible to other products. The oil leaves a very fine, protective coating to help prevent further rust and corrosion and helps to stop seizing up again within 4 weeks outside.

This contains no silicone and is mineral oil based.

Kinematic viscosity @ 40dc is 7-8c centistokes


·       Solvent Free

·       Low odour

·       Cost effective

·       Lubricates threads easily

·       Prevents corrosion and sticking

·       Operator friendly



Easing Oil LV is suitable for the lubrication of all metal on metal parts that are in need of freeing. We would advise that prevention is better then cure. If our product is used on a regular bases, it can prevent the seizing of metal components all together and reduce down time and save you money.


If you require a different viscosity penetrating oil  (thinner or thicker) then this grade, please make contact with us. As a manufacturer we have the ability to produce bespoke products that suit your needs.


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