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Clipper Oil

A low viscosity mineral honing oil/clipper oil with tackling agent and rust inhibitors for use on dog blades / straight blades/ chisels / lawnmower blade sharpening stones / general honing applications such as sharpening chisels, plane blades, knives, drill bits and clippers. As used by CLIPPERS (HG) LTD for Moser, Lister, Wolseley, Andis, Wahl and Liveryman clippers.

Regular use of clipper oil with your appliance not only helps the blades to run more smoothly, preventing overheating from friction, but will actually help to prolong the life of your blades and their cutting precision. Rye Oil Ltd recommend placing a few drops of clipper oil across the tips (cutting edge) of the blades before and after every use.

Clipper Oil Details

For lubrication of machine teeth and toolways under the full range of low to high loading conditions. This product has a high film strength that makes perfect for staying put where ‘stick-slip’ causes chatter and where fine feed adjustments are necessary. This oil can be used on working parts of machinery where improved lubricity and non-drip characteristics are desirable . Clipper Oil exhibits superior extreme pressure characteristics as can be seen from the Timken and 4 ball wear tests.

Modified c0-effcient of friction eliminates ‘stick-up’ at low speeds. Extreme  pressure and anti-wear additives virtually eliminate all scoring and wear risks.

This product contains a sulphurised fatty additive which provides excellent extreme pressure properties. The addition of a good tacking agent  gives it the best ‘non-drip’ characteristics.

Clipper Spec

Timken OK load (lbs) :  D.2782: 50

Anti corrosion at high temperatures: (Copper strip 3 hr @ 100dc):  D130: 1A

Passes the ASTM D665B test for anti rust properties.

ISO Grade: 68

Relative Density @ 15 dc: 0.8

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40dc (mm2/s) 61.2-74.8

Flash Point: >150dc

Pour Point: -12

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