Rye Oil Ltd’s form release agents do several jobs.
  • They permit clean release of formwork from the hardened concrete during stripping.
  • Protect the formwork for long life in addition to extensive reuse
  • Help produce a hard, nonpowdery, stain-free concrete surface with a minimum number of defects.
  • Prevent corrosion of steel forms and consequent staining of the concrete surface.

Rye Oil Ltd’s Mould Oil MD3B was originally designed for wood forms. It is a straight refined, pale, paraffin-base mineral oil (an oil-phased emulsion). This is capable of penetrating the wood while leaving the surface only slightly greasy to the touch with no free oil on the form.

While developing this product we have found that it acts as a great agent for steel forms. Consequently we just have to add a rust inhibitor to stop the eventual water ingression. Plastic form liners can be used a few times without a release agent as a result of their hard, smooth finish but after a few uses the surfaces become so rough as to necessitate the use of MD3B release agent. Concrete forms, even if they are ground, smoothed and polished, require a release agent to prevent sticking and enable easy stripping.