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OIL PADS / SPILL PADS – 100 Per Pack
Heavy duty oil and fuel absorbent spill pads
For use in heavy engineering environments.
Each pad absorbs up to 1 litres.
100 per pack.
Extra Absorbent Oil Only Pads 50cm x 40cm can be used to absorb and retain oil spills in working environments. These oil absorbent pads are fast absorbing (even with heavy oils) and they are made with polypropylene for high absorption rates and durability. White colour shows when oil has been absorbed.

White oil absorbent pads
These are made using clever polymers or cotton fibres that are hydrophobic. This means they actually repel water, making them ideal for lifting oil from the surface of ponds and streams. The benefit with this type of pad is that its entire capacity for absorption is therefore used on the spill, which needs to be cleaned up, rather than the pre-existing water, which doesn’t. The other benefit of using a white oil absorbent pad is that the absorbed oil changes the colour of the pad, so it’s easy to see when it’s ‘full’ and needs replacing

OIL PADS / SPILL PADS – 100 Per Pack
Dimensions: 50 cm x 40 cm

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