Fast Kerosene 20 litre (Domestic Heating Oil/Odourless)


Fast Kerosene delivered NEXT WORKING DAY* is a marked, odourless, class 1, domestic heating oil that meets British standard BS 2869 Class C1

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Fast Kerosene 20 litre (Domestic Heating Oil/Odourless)

Fast Kerosene is a marked, odourless, class 1, domestic heating oil which meets British standard BS 2869 Class C1. This product is better for the environment than normal Kerosene’s or Paraffin’s, this is because it’s less hazadous to aquatic life. Rye Oil Ltd’s Fast Kerosene has a better calorific value than other domestic heating oil’s (Kerosene’s/Paraffin’s) rated at 43.55±  0.02 MJ/KG. This product can be used in place of Kerosene (domestic heating oil) and Paraffin (indoor stoves) with no ill affects to burner or health. Rye Oi Ltd dispatch this product in 20 litre cans because it’s deemed lifetable. 
All domestic heating oil sold in the UK has to be marked, you will know by the signature tan/yellow colour.
A next working day service is available via UPS and APC, this still isn’t a guarantied service. This service runs at a 96% successful next day rate. *The kerosene would need to be ordered before midday the day before to qualify. 
It should be noted that the product label may vary. Transport rules for fuel change almost every year. No toxic fumes are release when this product is burnt.

This product is a mixture of high boiling point hydrocarbons. It is tan in appearance and odourless.

  • Best used in the following applications:

    • As Domestic Heating Oil (replacing normal standard Kerosene or Paraffin).
    • Used in Tilly Lamps.
    • Ideal for Greenhouse Heaters.
    • As a safe lighter fluid for home barbeques.
    • In oil tanks for home stoves.
    • Perfect as a cleaning agent.
    • Inverter Heaters.
    • Paraffin Stoves.
    • Aga’s / Rayburns.

    The User Benefits:

    • No odour or aromatic content provide good operator acceptability.
    • Good performance and cost effective as a solvent cleaner.
    • Great burning oil in domestic and commercial systems.
    • As an additive to improve the burn of standard Class 2 Kerosene.
    • Better for the environment as our product is less toxic to aquatic life.
    • Better calorific value over normal Kerosene & Paraffin.

Typical Characteristics

Specific Gravity (at 15°C) 0.797
Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt) 1.8
Flash Point (°C) 67

Hazard: Not classed as hazardous from transport.


You can purchase standard Kerosene here or Standard Paraffin here 

If you would like to know more about Kerosene click here.

*Rye Oil Ltd can offer a UPS/APC next working day service. This still isn’t a guarantied service, but runs at a 95% successful next day rate.

If you are still unsure as to which Kerosene to buy please contact us.

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