Xylene 20l

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Xylene 20l

Xylene 20l effectively cleans oil-based paint, varnish or polyurethane application tools; lacquer and epoxy application tools; new wood before finishing and oil coatings before refinishing. It can be used for degreasing bare metal and painted metal parts. This product also works as a brake and clutch cleaner as it evaporates without residue.

This product is recommended thinner for diluting Protectakote, Safekote or Chlorinated Rubber. Ideal for cleaning down surfaces prior to applying Protectakote as well as cleaning and diluting.

When applying to porous surfaces the first coat will often require diluting by 10% to improve adhesion and coverage.

Xylene is also an excellent degreaser for metal surfaces.

Solvent applications 

Xylenes are used as a solvent in printing, rubber, and leather industries. It is a common component of ink, rubber, and adhesives. In thinning paints and varnishes, it can be substituted for toluene where slower drying is desired, and thus is used by conservators of art objects in solubility testing. Similarly it is a cleaning agent, e.g., for steel, silicon wafers, and integrated circuits. In dentistry, xylene can be used to dissolve gutta percha, a material used for endodontics (root-canal treatments). The petroleum industry, xylene is also a frequent component of paraffin solvents, used when the tubing becomes clogged with paraffin wax.

Laboratory use for Xylene 20l

Xylene is used in the laboratory to make baths with dry ice to cool reaction vessels, and as a solvent to remove synthetic immersion oil from the microscope objective in light microscopy. In histology, xylene is the most widely used clearing agent. Xylene is used to remove paraffin from dried microscope slides prior to staining. After staining, microscope slides are put in xylene prior to mounting with a coverslip.

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