Danish Oil 27


Used to provide a hard-wearing, water-resistant satin finish, or serve as a primer on bare wood before applying paint or varnish.

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Rye Oil Ltd.’s Danish Oil is produced by blending over 50% Tung Oil with naphthenic base oils and additives. We produce a product thicker then other Danish Oils out there. This means it dry’s within 24 hours and doesn’t disappear into he centre of the wood leaving the outer wood unprotected, like all the thinner Danish oils do. This doesn’t mean it sits on the surface, the oil gives a even absorption rate throughout the wood (as long as you don’t drench the wood).

Rye Oil Ltd don’t used any chemical drying additives, cheap vegetable or linseed oils in this product. Rye Oil’s Danish oil doesn’t film over as quickly as other danish oils, allowing longer application times and less clogged up brushes.


Danish Oil Summary:

  • Good solvency properties with high oxidation stability
  • 20 Ltr can, 205 barrel or 1000 litre IBC available
  • Best used on older external wood to bring back the luster.
  • UV Protection
  • No pealing, flaking or blistering
  • Dirt resistant
  • Help reduce algae and fungi attacking the wood



We also supply other wood treatments, such as: Boiled Linseed Oil, Raw Linseed Oil, Pure Tung Oil, Decking Oil and Creosote.

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