Biodegradable Hydraulic 46 20L

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Zinc and ash free hydraulic and lubricating oil.

In the past few years, zinc-free hydraulic oils have become more and more import. In many cases, the use of zinc-free hydraulic oils is required for use in machine tools where a contamination of the hydraulic oil with the metalworking fluid is possible.

Inherently biodegradable

Zinc-free formulation

Non-toxic and has a very low odour

Excellent anti-wear characteristics

Rust and Corrosion protection

High oxidative and thermal stability

Long oil life

Helps reduce sludge and varnish deposits

Superior resistance to foaming

Excellent air release performance

Excellent water separation and hydrolytic stability

Can mix with other hydraulic oils

The oils are high-quality products that can be used both as hydraulic oils and also as lubricating oils for various applications, e.g. in bearings and recirculation systems. Recommended for use in hydraulic systems in machine tools where a contamination with the metal-working emulsion may occur.