War and Peace is Over

war and peace is over

War and Peace is Over

War and Peace is over!

War and Peace is Over! Our biggest show presence of the year, The War and Peace Revival, has ended. We were happy to see so many people present and the opportunity to meet so many of our customers is always a great experience. We are still honouring show prices if your collecting from the office. Just present a flyer with our 2017 list attached. This offer will only be open for a limited time though. So if there’s anything you missed out on or forgot to pick up please come down and we can help you out.

We are always amazed at the varying products that get sold year to year. Some years our stock of vintage oils plummets, this year it was cans of paraffin. We still have a couple of shows we will be attending. These include the Beaulieu Auto Jumble in September. So be sure to keep a look out for dates and times you can buy our oils at the special show price for 2017.

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