Biocut SS


Biocut SS is a medium oil content cutting oil concentrate, formulated with a chlorinated EP additive and incorporating a unique blend of fatty esters to give extreme cutting oil performance

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Biocut SS is a bio-stable semi-synthetic soluble cutting fluid. It gives excellent heavy duty performance for the most arduous of operations. One of these applications is gear cutting. Further more it is suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metals. It works particularly well with aluminium where it’s non staining qualities are beneficial.
Biocut SS is a semi-synthetic oil. It is formulated with a chlorinated EP additive. It incorporates a unique blend of fatty esters to give extreme cutting oil performance.  This includes gear cutting and other arduous metal staining of non-ferrous metals. Therefore Biocut is suitable for most grades of aluminium where q high quality finish is required, or where high metal removal rates causes pick up on cutting tool edges.

Biocut SS

The inclusion of more than 40% mineral oil gives an optimum balance of stability, machining performance, foam and machine tool corrosion protection together with very fluid residue. Biocut SS is an ideal general purpose semi-synthetic fluid, suitable for multiple operations on various machine tools. It lends itself to grade rationalisation from grinding to c.n.c machining centres. Also all non ferrous materials including stainless steel and most non ferrous materials. It forms a semi-translucent emulsion when mixing with water. Recommended concentration: general machining 4% – 7% – Grinding Including centreless 2% – 5%

 Refractometer correction x 1.10
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