Heat Transfer Oil

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HEAT TRANSFER OIL SAFETY DATA SHEETHeat Transfer Oil is manufactured with high quality mineral oils and incorporate powerful oxidation inhibitors to ensure the necessary thermal stability for high working temperatures over long periods. These products contain additives to prevent rust and corrosion that can occur in systems that are vulnerable to condensation between operations. Anti-foam additives are also incorporated to encourage the release of air and to collapse foam. This is vitally important as air bubbles or foam can reduce the effectiveness of the heat transfer system. Rye Oil’s Heat Transfer Oils also contain a low temperature flow improver to ensure full circulation at temperatures down to –20oC.


Physical Characteristics

Grade 32

Density at 15°C  0.872

Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C (cSt)  5.3

Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C (cSt)    31

Kinematic Viscosity at 20°C (cSt)    82

Viscosity Index   102

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