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Heating Oil East Sussex

Kerosene otherwise known as Heating Oil. We cover most of East Sussex and Kent for bulk deliveries of Heating Oil.

Rye Oil Ltd is positioned between the Thames and Shoreham fuel terminals. The extra options this presents gives us the unique ability to provide the best fuel prices for our customers. Rye Oil Ltd now has a fleet of four tankers and two emergency delivery vehicles on the road. This helps us provide better delivery times then ever before. Other then bulk deliveries we can provide 20litre cans and 205litre barrels delivered nationwide.

Kerosene: 96% of heating boiler and cookers have been designed to run on this fuel. It is the cheapest of the three fuels we offer, with Gas Oil being the second expensive and Paraffin being the most expensive. Kerosene is also known as 28 second, RBO, heating fuel, heating oil, kero and burning oil. Despite the names its all one product.

There has been a significant increase in vaporising boiler field problems during the past couple of years and many are wondering if the kerosene quality has changed slightly due to the introduction of 1000wppm sulphur. Some people have noticed a difference and had to order a boiler additive to put back in what they have taken out. We offer such additives, please see our shop for Exocet or Topanol.

Gas Oil: Red diesel, cherry or low tax fuel are but a few names for this fuel. Mainly used in plant or agriculture. No difference to road diesel other then a red dye and a lower tax rate. Some times still used on old industrial heaters.

Paraffin: Paraffin is a premium grade Kerosene. If it will run on Kerosene it will run better on paraffin. Mainly used for green house heaters and other indoor non-vented applications. Burning Paraffin releases no harmful gases. It isn’t however totally odour free, it will give off a faint smell when the fuel is first ignited. If a totally odour free and non-hazardous fuel is required you will find our Odourless Paraffin in our shop.

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