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Tractor Vaporising Oil


Tractor vaporising oil is a blended fuel for tractors that meets the original American T.V.O. Association specification.



Tractor Vaporising Oil is a blended fuel for tractors that meets the original American T.V.O. Association spec.
You can find TVO recipes in most places, but you always hear mixed results. People who blend there own tend to have starting issues and power problems. When blending your own there are two key ingredients that you wouldn’t know about unless you are in the industry. Not a single person who has bought our TVO has ever had any problems with it. If your looking for a consistent and reliable fuel for your vintage tractor no matter what the weather, look no further. With oil prices being so low, TVO off the shelf has never been so affordable.
Rye Oil Ltd’s Tractor Vaporising Oil powers the Smarden Vintage Rally, Southern Farmers, Harvesting The Old Fashioned Way, Yesterdays World, Tracks Across The Field, The National Ploughing Match, The Heathfield Show, Friends Of Ferguson, tractors at the Malvern Tractor Show and 100’s of other shows and rally’s across the UK.
Due to the nature of this product we cant arrange any 20 litre returns. UPS wont collect goods from an unregulated location. If you want to return this product you will need to bring it down in person. If you are in any doubt about what you need please message me before buying.

Tractor Vaporising Oil History:

Tractor vaporizing oil (or TVO) is a fuel for Petrol-paraffin engines. In the United Kingdom and Australia, after the Second World War, it was commonly used for tractors until diesel engines became normal. In Australian English it was known as power kerosene.
TVO existed for at least fifteen years before it became widely used.  A 1920 publication mentions it as a product of BP. But it was not until the late 1930’s that it first became widely used. The post war Ferguson TE20 tractor, a carefully researched and near-ideal tractor for use on British farms, was designed around a petrol engine. Although there was a campaign for the reintroduction of agricultural Road Duty free petrol, which had been curtailed during the war, this was not forthcoming. Perkins Engines supplied some conversions into diesel engines which could use untaxed red diesel.
Please note that due to hazardous goods shipping restrictions this product is unavailable outside mainland Great Britain.

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