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Lapping Oil GP is a general purpose mineral lapping oil vehicle to be used along with an abrasive like Silicon Carbide in Lapping machines

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Lapping Oil GP is a general purpose mineral lapping oil vehicle. To be used when lapping, polishing or honing. It is to be used along with an abrasive in Lapping machines. This product is used for making horse and dog blades, Aluminum discs it also has lots of other small industrial applications.

Lapping Oil is an important element of the lapping process. It is its suspension property that helps to bring the fresh cutting edges, on the lapping plate. You can use this product to assist the cutting function of abrasive grains. It enhances the machine. Lapping oil forms a film on the lap plate holding the abrasive in suspension during the lapping process. It is low odour, non-toxic, non-hazardous.

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Lubrication is needed for a smooth running between the lap plate and conditioning rings. It is also to help evenly disperse the abrasive product on the lap plate. Rye Oil’s Lapping Oil GP vehicle when used with any abrasive powder should be properly matched in order to give the best cutting action possible. If matched properly it can maintain even dispersion of abrasive throughout the lapping surface. This will result in uniform finishes. The proper lapping vehicle used with the right abrasive will reduce lapping time and the amount of slurry needed to complete the job.

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