Compound Steam Cylinder Oil 1000

Compound Steam Cylinder Oil 1000


Compound Steam Cylinder Oil 1000 For the lubrication of steam engine cylinders in locomotives and stationary engines working with either superheated or saturated steam.

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Compound Steam Cylinder Oil 1000

This product you can use in all steam engines working up to pressures in excess of 250lbs per square inch. This can be with either super-heated or saturated steam. Rye Oil’s Compound Steam Cylinder Oil is recommended for valve chests, slides, linkages and general lubrication, by means of mechanical applicators, atomizers or oil can. You must not use this oil where the steam is being recovered for use as a boiler or process feed. You will find this oil has a great dewintering effect. It will keep the moving parts from seizing during down times. Therefore is great for machines that only get occasional or sporadic use.

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