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Cedar Cladding Oil / Decking Oil


Cedar Treatment 22 – The best treatment for cedar, teak, pine….etc. External or internal use. Stops cladding discoloring, rotting and streaking. Used in some of the harshest climates.

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Cedar Cladding Oil / Decking Oil

Two uses, same product.

  • Good solvency properties with high oxidation stability.
  • Otherwise used as a Decking Oil.
  • DMSO extract according to IP 346 (Polynuclear Aromates) less than 3.0 %.
  • To treat cedar cladding to extend its life and protect the colour.
  • The product is a light tan colour when in the can which will apply and dry clear matt.
  • Excellent UV Protection.
  • No pealing, flaking or blistering.
  • Dirt resistant.
  • Help reduce algae and fungi attacking the wood.
  • Will bring out the grain and give the wood a wet look.

Cedar Cladding Oil/ Decking Oil penetrates deeply into timber surfaces and, in a similar way to bark, attaches to the wood capillaries providing protection against extreme climate conditions. This product is designed for use on softwood timbers. Cedar, Larch, Pine and lots more. It is not suitable for timbers which contain tannin’s, such as oak. Cedar Cladding Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery.

This cedar treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. Our treatment will stop stopping cracking, splitting and discolouring. Cedar Treat 22 is a clear dry product that wont effect the original colour of the wood.

Application of Cedar Cladding Oil

While one coat should do the job, it does depend on the porosity and age of the wood. Application can be hand bushed, sprayed or dipped. If the wood has already been varnished or waxed the treatment won’t work, however, it is fine to be used on pressure treated timber.

Rye Oil Ltd suggests that for best results reapplication should take place every 3-4 years.

This treatment is also used as a hard wearing pine decking oil.

The reason for the introduction of the  product is to replace its predecessor Texnap 22 in 25 litre cans.

If you have any questions about the Cedar Cladding Oil Treatment please contact us here



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